Employers Cheating Employees



Employer’s game playing to avoid paying benefits is the reason why I fight on the behalf of Employees.

In Alaska, employees are entitled to workers compensation benefits whether or not the employer wants to pay them, whether or not the employer carriers workers compensation insurance, whether or not the employer characterizes the employee as an independent contractor and whether or not the employer files a Report of Injury.

As long as an individual is an employee, as defined by the Workers Compensation law, that person is entitled to benefits.

And the beauty of the system is that the employer can be forced to pay penalties to the employee for denying benefits and if the insurance company is involved in bad faith denials, it can be reported to the Division of Insurance by the Workers Compensation Board.

Bottom line: the last person you should trust when you’re hurt at work is your employer.  Call an experienced Workers Compensation attorney and find out what your rights are.

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