Chronic Overuse Injury and Pre-Existing Conditions

One of insurance companies’ tricks to avoid paying Workers Compensation is to have their doctor state that there was no specific injury at work when the injury that the Employee sustained as a chronic overuse injury which accumulated over a period of time.

Another trick, often seen played at the same time, is for the insurance doctor to say that the pain the Employee is suffering is the result of a pre-existing condition.

The law is clear, and the insurance companies know it, that chronic overuse injuries are compensable under Alaska Workers Compensation law just like an injury from a traumatic event.
Some of the injuries seen develop from chronic overuse include hand nerve injuries, back and neck strains, herniated discs.

The law is equally clear, and the insurance companies know it, that when a work-related injury combines with, aggravates or accelerates a pre-existing condition, then it is still compensable Alaska Workers Compensation law. It is not important that the underlying problem (usually degenerative disc disease) was the result of work, but the pain was caused by working.

If the insurance company has controverted your benefits because it paid a doctor to say you weren’t hurt at work, you need to speak to an attorney.

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