Winter is Upon Us

We’ve already had snow and it will be back. It’s a good time to evaluate whether you are prepared for winter.

Does your car after studded snow tires? It’s legal now to change them over. For safety’s sake, you should make sure that your brakes, head lights, brake lights and turning signals are functioning as well.

Have you cleared your sidewalk of fallen leaves? Leaves which left to decompose become slick and can cause someone to slip and fall.

If you don’t have salt or sand left over from last winter for treating your walkway, this is a good time buy some. You don’t want to be driving to the store on slick roads on a Sunday morning with everyone else when the snows hits. You should also make sure that you have an ice scrapper to clear your car for the inevitable dump.

You should also have adequate foot wear for walking across ice. If you slip and fall on someone’s premises and ask them to be responsible for your injuries, the first question they will ask is, what kind of shoes were you wearing?

If you are a home owner, check to make sure that you have adequate insurance to protect you in the event that someone is injured on your premises.

If you own apartments, you have a duty to make sure that the premises are safe and clear of snow and ice. It’s your job to make sure the driveways and walkways are clear. Leaving a bucket of salt by the front door for the tenants to use isn’t good enough. If you have the resources to finance an apartment complex and write it off your taxes, you can spring for a snow and ice removal.