Pedestrian vs Car

October is has the highest rates of pedestrians being struck by a motor vehicle.  Never good for the pedestrian.

According to the reasons for the increased rate are the shorter days and snow. Although we haven't had snow in town yet, the number of these accidents are on the rise.

In addition, with no empirical proof to support me, I believe that drivers get crazier in October.

Although its legal to cross a road where no crosswalk is provided, the pedestrian still needs to keep a lookout for vehicles which may not have seen him. Alaskans favor dark clothes (they blend well with mud) which makes it harder to see them in the dark. Be aware that a car driver might not be able to see you whether you are in the cross walk or not.  And be aware that many drivers are not looking for you, they're in a hurry to get to wherever they're going.

If a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, he has the duty to stop, render aid and exchange information. Failure to do so is a hit and run. If the driver is at fault, his insurance will need to pay the damages.

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