Alaska National’s Medical Releases

It has come to my attention that Alaska National is sending out medical releases to injured workers asking them to release medical information from 1998 forward.  Further the medical releases are phrased in such a way that the provider will release all medical records from that date.

This is not the law.  Alaska Workers Compensation law is very clear.  The insurance company is entitled to medical information relating only to the injured body part from two years prior to the date of injury in most circumstances.

In the event that the injured body part was injured previously, then the insurance company would be entitled to medical records from two years prior to the first treatment date.

It is imperative that an injured worker respond to the request for medical releases timely.  If the releases are overbroad (see information beyond what the insurance company is entitled to) then the injured worker must file a petition for protective order with the Alaska Workers Compensation Board.  The form is available on the Board's website:  Use form 07-6111.  You must print the form, fill it out, file a copy with the Board and send a copy to the insurance company.

If you fail to execute the forms and return them on time, or instead file a petition for protective order, the insurance company is entitled to cut off all of your benefits, time loss payment and medical benefits included, until the issue is resolved.  Nothing will happen in your case,

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