Trial Attorneys Making a Difference

gavel-booksFor many years, I have been proud of my role as a trial attorney in making a difference in people's lives.  I have helped people overcome tragedy and I have helped people begin new lives.  I have helped people obtain the medical care that they need and money to pay their bills when someone harmed them.  I have held the police responsible for police brutality and for injuring innocent bystanders.  I have held the State responsible for allowing children entrusted to its care to be abused and, on one occasion, murdered.  I have held a hospital responsible for its malpractice resulting in a death.  And I am not alone.

I am proud, as well, of my association with the Alaska Association of Justice and the American Association of Justice.  The Alaska Association of Justice is an organization of trial attorneys, like me, who endeavor to make a difference in people's lives.  For more information about AAJ, see:

The American Association for Justice is likewise an organization of trial attorneys who endeavor to make a difference.  Some of the cases in which these attorneys have been involved include holding Firestone responsible for bad tires which resulted in its redesign, holding Jeep responsible for bad design in early Wranglers that caused them to roll, holding pharmaceutical companies responsible for selling drugs which they knew were dangerous, and holding toy manufacturers responsible for selling dangerous toys.  When you hear about a big verdict or settlement against a corporation, you can be assured that the corporation has the incentive to change its product. Time and again, products have been designed to be more safe because a manufacturer was sued by a trial lawyer.  For more information about the American Association of Justice, see:

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