Car Accident: The Second Thing You Need to Do.

SettersphotoWhen you're in a car accident, the second thing you need to do (after reporting the accident) is to see a doctor. Many people feel fine immediately after an accident only to learn in the coming hours and days that they were indeed injured.   It's typical to feel beaten up with strain/sprain injuries (also known as "whiplash") and it is common for  injured persons to suffer pain and stiffness for weeks or longer after an accident.  A medical doctor can prescribe anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and/or physical therapy that will speed recovery.  If your injury persists, you need to go back to the doctor for further evaluation (MRI, X-ray etc) to determine whether you suffered a more serious injury.

Many people ask whether the value of their settlement is determined by the costs of medical treatment.  The answer is: sometimes.  Many people have heard an urban myth that their settlement is worth three times their medical bills, so they treat unnecessarily to drive up the cost of the settlement.  Insurance adjusters see through that.  They've heard the same urban myths.

The only legitimate reason to obtain treatment for an injury is because you need it to either recover from the injury or to alleviate pain or disability.  Obtain the treatment that you need and only the treatment that you need and worry about the settlement later.

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