Resolution to Elect Attorney General

Representative Stoltz (R-Chugiak) is introducing a resolution to elect the state's Attorney General and limit his (or her) terms.

The Attorney General is the highest office for the State's law department.  The person who occupies that office advises the Governor and supervises the law department making decisions on how to staff the law department. For instance when a former Lt. Governor refused to certify any voter petitions to change the law for election, the department of law created an elections section and staffed it.  It seems to have been absorbed since then.

Generally the Attorney General is appointed from a small list of the elected Governor's friends and supporters. The problem with this system is rather than have the Attorney General exercise independent legal judgment and advise the Governor regarding the constitutionality of what he (or she) wants to do, the Attorney General becomes part of the Governor's team and instead seeks ways to advance the Governor's platforms.

So electing an Attorney General would introduce the opportunity for independence between the Attorney General and the Governor.

On the other hand, the person who is elected will be another politician, someone who has the support and funds to campaign and someone who may have higher ambitions thereby introducing the opportunity for someone to use the Attorney General's office to advance his (or her) own career.

In the final analysis, if the Attorney General is elected we might get a good attorney in there.  The current system discourages that.  For more information: