Does Your Employer Have Workers Compensation Insurance?

Frequently, an employer thinks he can avoid a Workers Compensation claim by refusing to provide the injured employee with the name of his insurance company and the appropriate forms to fill out.  But that won't work.

All employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance.  And if they fail to do so, a fund has been established by the State of Alaska to pay benefits to injured workers.

If you want to know if your employer carries workers compensation insurance, you can check that out on the Alaska Workers Compensation Board's website:  

On the right of the home page is a menu. Click the link that states "Online Employer Coverage Verification Service" and follow the prompts.  You will be provided with the name of the insurer responsible on your date of injury and contact information for that company.

If your employer has failed, or refused, to provide you with a Report of Injury form, you may obtain that on the same website.  On the home page, click on the "Forms" link and pull up the Employee Report of Injury to Employer, Form 7-6100.  Or you can print use the attached form, EE ROI Form 6100.

You need to fill the form out, give a copy to your employer, a copy to the insurance company and you should file a copy with the Alaska Workers Compensation Board, 3301 Eagle St Ste 304, Anchorage, Alaska.  If you live near Fairbanks or Juneau instead, the local AWCB office addresses are posted on its website.

As always, you should keep a copy of the Report of Injury for your files.  You should keep a copy of everything that has anything to do with your injury in your files: any and all correspondence from the insurance company and the Workers Compensation Board, and all bills from your treating health care providers.