Mileage Reimbursement, Did Anyone Tell You?



Under Alaska Workers Compensation law, an injured employee is entitled to mileage reimbursement for traveling to doctors, physical therapists etc for treatment.  This year's rate of reimbursement is $.56 per mile.  That means that if you drive 5 miles one way to the physical therapist (10 mile round trip) for only 13 visits, the insurance company owes you $72.80.  Did anyone tell you that? POV_Rate_Table.

Probably not.  The way you get the reimbursement is to demand it.  You need to provide the date of the visit, where you started from, where you went and the round trip mileage.  The insurance company needs to pay you or controvert you benefit within 30 days otherwise it owes you another 25%.  Attached is a form I developed that I use in my cases to demand travel benefits.  Travel log.  Feel free to use it.

Keenan Powell has practiced  law in the State of Alaska for more than 30 years and has dedicated her practice to Workers Compensation representing injured Alaskans.

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