Top Five Tips Looking for Attorney



  1. Do not call an attorney when you are drunk or stoned.
  2. Have all the relevant information available when you speak to the attorney.
    1. If it’s a workers compensation case: date of injury, whether a controversion was filed, date of controversion, medical history for treatment of the injury.
    2. If it’s a personal injury claim, date of accident, if police were called, was anyone cited and medical history for treatment of the injury.
  3. Do not argue with the attorney who answers the phone.  The attorney will conclude that you will not be a cooperative client and the attorney will not accept your case.
  4. Provide ALL the information requested by an attorney.  If there is something missing from the file, an experienced attorney will notice it and may assume that you are intentionally withholding information.
  5. Tell the truth.  Attorneys can deal with most things, if they know about them beforehand.

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