Do Not Write On Your Medical Records

gavel-booksFrequently I see medical records which clients have brought in that have notes scrawled all over them. DO NOT DO THAT!

In the first place, when you write all over the medical records it makes the records inadmissible and you'll need to go back to the doctor's office to get a clean copy.  The doctor may not have charged you for the first set but they will probably charge you for the second sent anywhere from $25 to $150 and up.  OPA currently charges $50 for records.  Alaska Spine Institute charges $75.

Second, I know what I'm looking for.  While I also want to know what is important to you, when you write all over the medical records it creates a distraction.

The injured workers' input is very important. The reason that I meet with clients when I review medical records is so they can explain to me what is important to them.   If you have comments about the medical records, write them out on a separate piece of paper noting the page and paragraph number to which you are responding and bring that paper with you to the consultation. That would be very helpful.

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