When the Insurance Company Breaches the Settlement Agreement

medical stuffWhat if you enter into a settlement agreement with the insurance company by which the insurance company agrees to pay your medical bills but it doesn't pay them? And the medical providers are calling you to collect the money.

You have grounds to file a new claim. You can ask the Board to enforce the settlement agreement and to order penalties against the insurance company for failing to pay the medical providers timely.

What if the settlement agreement doesn't promise to pay the medical bills but has "hold harmless" language? After that, when you call, the insurance company will tell you it will reimburse you for any bills you paid.

That is not the law.  The law says the insurance company has to pay any and all medical costs which are reasonable, necessary and work-related within 30 days of the billing.  You need to file a new Claim and ask the Board to order the insurance company to pay the bills.

If you feel like you're getting jacked around, you are.  Call an attorney. Find out what your rights are.

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