Think you’re being followed? Part II

gavel-booksWhen the insurance company launches an investigation, they don't just hire a private detective to follow you around, they dig into everything they can find.

They hire someone called a "Social Media Analyst" who will crawl through your Facebook posts, your friends' Facebook posts, your Twitters and any other social media to get the goods on you.

They will go on a computer database that lists all of your addresses, current and previous, the names of your neighbors and the names of other people living in your home. They will look for old court cases in which you were involved. They'll look for any property that is in your name.

They will do everything they can do to find everything there is out in the public domain about you.

So remember, if you're putting anything out on social media, you can expect it to come back and bite you someday. Once you post, you can't unpost it.

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