Nurse Spies (Nurse Case Managers)


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The insurance companies frequently “offer” the injured employee a nurse case manager to “assist” in making appointments and to “accompany” the injured employee to doctors appointments. These people are insurance company spies.

Nurse spies are sent by the insurance company for a number of reasons: The nurse spy will discourage the doctor from recommending treatment the insurance company doesn’t want to pay for. The nurse spy will report back immediately to the insurance company of what was said so that the insurance company can adjust its strategy against you. The nurse spy will take anything you say and give it to the insurance company to use against you.  And the nurse spy will testify against you and the doctor at the hearing in your case.

You don’t have to accept the nurse spy’s “assistance”. You can refuse to allow her into the doctor’s visits.  The insurance company already has a release of information you signed when you were first hurt so it can collect your medical records, correspond and speak with your doctor. That is all the insurance company is legally entitled to.

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