Workers Compensation and You

bigstock-Silhouette-1113353When you are injured at work, you are required to inform your employer. Your employer is required to inform its insurance carrier. The carrier is required to file a notice with the Alaska Workers Compensation Board (AWCB).

The AWCB maintains records of all reports of injury. It also acts as an administrative tribunal, like a court, when there is a dispute between the Employee and Employer or Insurer relating to the workers compensation injury. The AWCB does not have the power to adjudicate complaints that fall outside of the act, such as discrimination or work hazards.  There are other agencies who handle those issues.

The AWCB published the attached brochure explaining basic rights and responsibilities under the Alaska Workers Compensation Act: wc-brochure.

The AWCB maintains a website where more information can be obtained.

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