Workers Compensation Conterversions, Part II

When an insurance company sends you a Controversion Notice that means they will stop paying whatever benefits are listed.  The insurance company is required to list the reasons why it won’t pay those benefits anymore.  Usually the insurance company will controvert temporary total disability and medical benefits based upon the opinion of an insurance doctor.

If you think the insurance company is wrong, there is something you can do.  You can file a Claim with the Alaska Workers Compensation Board. The Board will ultimately decide in a hearing (it’s like a trial) whether the insurance company was right or wrong. If you win, you may receive past benefits, cash payments to you if you’re entitled to any, past medical bills. You might also get an order from the Board that the insurance company needs to pay for future medical benefits, like a specific surgery that you need.

There a many kinds of benefits that can be controverted and that can be claimed and that the Board will decide: reemployment benefits, travel benefits, permanent partial impairment benefits, permanent total disability.

If you have been controverted, you should talk to an attorney about your case. I have more than 30 years experience fighting for the rights of injured Alaskans.

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