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It has long been Alaska law that complications as the result of a work-related injury are also workers compensation injuries and the insurance company must pay for all benefits caused by the complications as well as the original injury.  Kodiak Oilfield Haulers v Adams, 777 P 2d 1145 (Alaska, 1989).

In the Adams case, the injured worker was involved in an automobile accident while he was driving home from a doctor’s appointment which aggravated his work-related back injury.  The Board held that the motor vehicle accident injury was compensable and the Alaska Supreme Court affirmed it.

In Dupius v Glacier Seamless, AWCB Decision No 11-0103 (7/19/11), a worker cut his finger at work, had it treated in an emergency room and picked up a staph infection in the wound.  The Board held that the employer was responsible for the treatment of the staph infection as well as the cut.

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