Three Things You Should Do After a Work Injury

medical stuffWhen you’re first injured at work, there a three things you need to do.

First, you need to fill out a Report of Injury. Your employer should have that form. If your employer says they don’t have the form or refuses to give it to you, go to the Alaska Workers Compensation Board and tell them that you want to report your injury.  The Board’s office is at: 3301 Eagle Street Suite 304, Anchorage.   In Fairbanks, it’s at 756 Seventh Avenue Station K.   There is a Juneau office as well.  Call them at (907) 465-2790.

Second, if your doctor says you can’t work, then you need to get a disability slip from him.  Some doctors call this slip a “work release”.  You need to give that disability slip to your employer.  If the insurance company has already contacted you, then you should send them a copy.  You need to keep a copy for yourself and make a note of the date when you gave the slip to your employer or the insurer.

Third, you need to pull together your tax records from the previous two calendar years. If you were injured in 2015, then you need to pull together 2014 and 2013.  If you didn’t file taxes, you need to collect all of your W-2s.  You need to give a copy of these records to the adjuster so he or she can calculate your compensation rate.  You should keep a copy for yourself and again make a note of the date you gave this documentation to the adjuster.

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