Free Consultation

Someone asked me today why I give free consultations.

gavel-booksI do that because injured workers are usually broke. It's bad enough they can't afford to support themselves or pay for medical treatment, they shouldn't have to pay for legal advise.

And if they don't have free access to information, they won't have a chance to fight their case.  And that's what the insurance companies want. They want to starve out injured workers to make them go away.

So I'm happy to review cases for free whether or not the injured worker has been controverted yet.  Sometimes a little advise before a problem arises will help the injured worker to avoid some of the pitfalls.

If I take the case, it's on a contingency fee basis which means I'm only paid by the insurance company at the end of the case if we are successful.  The injured worker is never responsible for paying my fees.

For a free consultation, call Keenan Powell at 258-7663.


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