Four Tips for Preparing for Attorney Consultation

medical-stuffWhen someone calls me for a consultation, I request they bring at the minimum the following documentation to the appointment:

  1. Controversion Notice(s), if any,
  2. All of the medical records relating to the injury,
  3. Any and all insurance doctors reports.

I may also request:

  1. All medical records from two years prior to the date of injury, if the insurance company is claiming there is a pre-existing injury,
  2. Tax records for the two years prior to the date of injury if there is an issue regarding the compensation rate.

Tip #1:  Getting the Board’s file:  You can obtain a complete copy of your Alaska Workers Compensation Board file which would include your Report of Injury, Controversion Notices, Claims, Answers, Prehearing Conference Summaries and some medical records directly from the Alaska Workers Compensation Board.  In Anchorage the address is 3301 Eagle St Ste 304. The telephone number is 269-4980. However, that file will not have your complete medical records so you still need to get them from the providers.

Tip #2:  Getting your medical records:  You should obtain complete medical records from each provider you have seen.  The papers the doctors hand to you when you leave the appointment is not the complete file so you need to request the records from every provider. That includes hospital emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, family practitioners, chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, pain doctors and physical therapists. To obtain the records, you can call the provider’s general information number and ask for the records department. Under Alaska law, you are entitled to a copy of your file. Most providers will give you one copy free of charge.

Tip #3:  Getting your tax records. You can obtain a copy of your tax records directly from the IRS.

Tip #4:   Be prepared for the appointment. If you don’t have the complete file prior to the appointment, call to reschedule.  The reason for your appointment is for you to obtain the most informed evaluation of your case which means that you need all of the documentation which was requested.

Keenan Powell has practiced Workers Compensation law in the State of Alaska for over 30 years and has dedicated her practice to Workers Compensation representing injured Alaskans.

All consultations are free.  To make an appointment, use the contact form on this website or call:  907 258 7663.





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