Workers Compensation: Big Business Part III

The 2015 Annual Report from the State of Alaska Division or Workers Compensation shows what a big business workers compensation claims are and insurance companies’ trends to improve their profits. The full report is accessible on the Division’s website at:

In 2015, Reports of Injury increased 6.5% from to 19,909 reported injuries. Insurance companies controverted 3,682 claims and after cases were filed with the Board, the insurance companies controverted 2,645 claims.

And the insurance companies are often wrong. 1,200 claims were filed in the Division (cases filed after the insurance companies controverted the claim). 614 cases settled after the insurance company controveted benefits and the Employee filed a claim. That’s more than one-half.  Another 164 cases went to hearing.

The point is: when insurance companies controvert benefits, the controversion is not always fair. According to these numbers, in more than half of the cases the insurance companies initially controverted, they later paid out settlements. They would not have done so if they thought they could win the case.

If you have been controverted, you need to find out whether you are being treated fairly. Call an experienced Workers Compensation attorney.

Keenan Powell has practiced Workers Compensation law in the State of Alaska for over 30 years and has dedicated her practice to Workers Compensation representing injured Alaskans handling hundreds of cases.

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