Save the Envelopes!

When the insurance company owes you money arising from a Workers Compensation case, the checks have to be mailed on time or it owes you a 25% penalty.

The first installment of temporary total disability is due 14 days after the employer has knowledge of the injury or death. The subsequent installments are due every 14 days. AS 23.30.155(c).

If compensation without an award is not paid with 7 days it became due, then there is a 25% penalty.

If compensation with an award is not paid within 14 days of it becoming due, then there is a 25% penalty.

Sometimes, the insurance company will cut a check and the check will show the date it is cut, but they don't mail it until a day or several days later. They "pay" when they mail the check, not when they cut the check.

So it's critical that you save the envelope to see what date the check was mailed. It could be worth a lot of money to you.

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