Workers Compensation: Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Maybe you don’t. Here are a few things to consider:

A lawyer knows how to fill the forms out correctly.

A lawyer will know if the insurance company is treating you fairly.

A lawyer will know the statutes, the regulations, the Board decisions and Commission decisions. Issues that commonly come up in hearings before the Board include pre-existing conditions, palliative care, compensation rate adjustments and reemployment benefits.

A lawyer knows what releases you need to sign for the insurance companies and which releases should be disputed.

A lawyer will know when an “independent medical evaluation” is not legally sufficient to deny benefits.

A lawyer will be with you in your deposition.

A lawyer will prepare your case for hearing, draft and file a hearing brief and the exhibits.

A lawyer will know whether you should file an appeal.

A lawyer will know whether you need a lawyer. Call one and ask if you need a lawyer.

Keenan Powell has practiced law in Alaska for more than 30 years and has dedicated her practice to Workers Compensation representing injured Alaskans.

All consultations are free.  If you want to set up a meeting, use the contact form on or call:  907 258 7663.

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