Four Tips: When You Need to File a Workers Compensation Claim

If you are being treated fairly by the insurance company, you don't need to file a claim with the Workers Compensation Board. How do you know if you are being treated fairly?

Tip #1: Are you getting your TTD checks on time? The first check must be postmarked 21 days from the date you turned in the doctor's work release. All other checks be postmarked every 14 days after that. You should not have to pick up the check at the insurance company. They need to mail it to you.

If the checks are postmarked late, you are entitled to 25% penalties.

Tip #2: Are you being paid the right amount of money for your lost wages? The general rule is the insurance company will look to your prior two years of wages, for all jobs you had, to calculate your compensation rate. You can visit the Alaska Workers Compensation Board and use the Benefit Calculator to see if the computations are correct.

But, even if the rate is correct mathematically, it might not be fair to you and there are different reasons why that might not be fair.

Tip #3: Are you getting the medical treatment you need or is the insurance company dragging its feet approving the recommended treatment? If the insurance company is dragging its feet, that's a sign it plans to send you to their doctor, the so-called "independent medical evaluation" in hopes that doctor will justify denying your treatment.

If the insurance company is dragging its feet, it's time for you to collect all of your medical records relating to your injury and find an attorney.

Tip #4: If you aren't sure you're being treated fairly, call an experienced workers compensation attorney.

Keenan Powell has practiced Workers Compensation law in the State of Alaska for over 30 years and has dedicated her practice to Workers Compensation representing injured Alaskans.

All consultations are free.  To make an appointment, use the contact form on this website or call:  907 258 7663.


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