Three Tips for Employees in Workers Compensation Cases

If you get hurt at work, these three tips will make your life a lot easier later down the line:

1.Keep a copy of the Report of Injury for your files. The Report is important because one of the first things that can happen is your employer denying you told him that you were hurt.

If your employer did not have you fill out a report of injury, print down this  Report of Injury.

Fill it out, send or give a copy to your employer and deliver a copy to the Alaska Workers Compensation Division and keep a copy for your files.

2.Keep a copy of every work release your physician gives you. If your physician tells you that you cannot work, or that you can work part-time or only with light duty, you need to provide a copy of that immediately to your employer and you need to keep a copy for your files. The reason you need to keep a copy is that the second thing that can happen is that your employer claims you never told them you needed time off or light duty. You would hope the doctor kept a copy of the note, but every medical office is different and those notes are sometimes difficult to locate.

3.Don’t let a nurse case manager into your appointments. Nurse case managers are insurance spies. In some cases, the insurance company will hire a very nice lady to call you and talk to you about your injuries and offer to go to the doctor’s visits with you. Don’t let her. Her real job is to control what kind of treatment your doctor recommends, so as to save the insurance company money, and to get the doctor to send you back to work as soon as possible, also to save the insurance company money. She is not your friend.

Bonus Tip: If you have questions, call a workers compensation attorney. Our job is to make sure you get the benefits you’re entitled to. Many attorneys are happy to spend some time on the phone with you.

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