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Important Things to Consider
When Hiring an Attorney

1. You Have the Right to Choose Your Counsel

If you don't like your attorney, you should get a new one. Your attorney should be someone who is experienced and successful, someone who you feel comfortable talking to. Good communication is vital to good representation. You should feel that your attorney hears you, understands you and respects you.

2. You Have Every Right to Understand The Fee Agreement

Don't be afraid to ask questions about the fee agreement before you sign. Will you have to pay any money to the attorney? How much does attorney charge? What kind of costs besides attorneys fees will be charged? Does the attorney have malpractice insurance? A good attorney will be happy to answer any questions you have.

3. You Have the Right to Vigilant Representation

Your case should be investigated, prepared and prosecuted on time. No case should be neglected. Neglect is unacceptable.

4. You Have the Right to Be Informed About Your Case

You have the right to know how your case is progressing. You should be informed of any developments. You should feel free to call whenever you want information.

5. You Have the Right to be Informed of Settlement Offers

Attorneys are ethically obligated to inform the client when a settlement offer is received from the other side. Many times settlement offers are made only for a short period of time so your attorney should contact you as soon as a settlement offer is received to give you enough time to discuss with your attorney and to think about it before you decide to reject or accept it.

6. You Have the Right to Make Settlement Offers

It is unethical for an attorney to make a settlement offer without the client's consent. Before your attorney makes an offer to settle your case, you should be contacted. Your attorney should discuss the terms of the settlement offer with you. You have the right to understand what the offer means. You must agree to any settlement offers that are made before they are made.

7. You Have the Right to Accept A Settlement Offer

You and only you have the right to decide when you want to end your case. It is against the law for an attorney to accept a settlement offer on the client's behalf without the client's consent. Before your attorney accepts a settlement offer for you, you must agree to it. If an attorney accepts a settlement offer without your agreement, you do not have to go through with it. You should immediately find a new lawyer.

8. You Have the Right to Videotape the Defense Medical Examination

Sometimes the other side will ask you to submit to a medical examination by their doctor. If you go to a defense medical examination, you have the right to have the examination videotaped and to have a witness with you during the examination.

9. You Have the Right to Prepare for Depositions

During a lawsuit, the other side will take your deposition. In a deposition, you tell your side of the story under oath. You have the right to meet with your attorney personally before the deposition to talk about what will happen.

10. You Have the Right to Authorize Filing of Suit

Filing suit and going to trial are serious steps. If you lose the lawsuit, the court can order you to pay the other side's attorneys fees. The decision to file suit should not be entered into lightly. You and only you should make the decision to file a lawsuit. Be weary of lawyers who want to file suit and try all of their cases. They may not have your best interests at heart.

It's your life and your case. My job as a lawyer is to work with you and to work for you. Together we will Fight the Good Fight to obtain the best settlement possible.

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