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Motor Vehicle Accidents

If I am in a car accident, when do I need to talk to an attorney?

The sooner, the better. You need to be aware of your rights as soon as possible. The insurance company will want a statement from you, medical releases and could ask you to submit to an examination by the insurance company's physician.

You may have questions as well regarding who is responsible for the bills, how your insurance benefits come into play, and how to obtain a fair settlement of your car damage.

It is important that you get the individualized attention that you deserve for you.

Worker's Compensation

If I'm hurt at work, when do I need to talk to an attorney?

Worker's Compensation Law is a complicated collection of statues, regulations, and case law which is evolving all the time.

Immediately, after you are injured, you have rights and responsibilities which you need to understand so that you can obtain the benefits to which you are entitled.

Some issues which will come up include: reporting the injury, your right to a physician of your choice, how your compensation rate is calculated & obtaining reimbursement for travel expenses.

Keenan has been devoted to Inured Alaskans for more than 30 years and is happy to answer your questions. For a free consultation call
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