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Personal Injury
Past Verdicts & Settlements

Motor Vehicle Accident:
Wrongful Death of Child

Three year old girl was run over and killed in a driveway by an intoxicated driver who was backing out. Suit filed resulting in verdict in excess of $1,000,000.

Cars on the Highway

Motor Vehicle Accident:
Chronic Pain

Client was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended by a commercial truck which resulted in chronic pain. Settlement of $225,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident:
Drunk Driver

During a daily commute the Client's vehicle was hit head on by a drunk driver who was being chased by police; resulting in chronic pain. Settlements total $280,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident:
Catastrophic Injuries

Client was a passenger in Subaru northbound on Parks Highway near Houston when his vehicle slid into the lane of on-coming traffic.  Driver of the southbound vehicle was unable to avoid the accident because of the accumulation of ice on the highway.  Client sustained broken bones, internal injuries and catastrophic brain injury.  Suit filed against drivers and State of Alaska resulted in $15,000,000 verdict.

Snow Machine Accident:
Multiple Injuries.

Client driving snow machine on dirt road hit on-coming pick up truck at night. Lights of pick up truck were turned off. Sustained multiple injuries including broken teeth and leg. Claim against driver of pick up truck and under-insured motorist coverage settled for $ 150,000 plus medical bills.

Motor Vehicle Accident:
Broken Neck

Client's vehicle rear ended at stop sign when driver behind him was unable to stop due to accumulation of ice. Client's neck was broken.  Claims against driver and under-insured motorist policy settlement for $200,000 plus medical bills.

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